Three Quatrains and a Farewell

Genre: Drama
Director:Fariborz Kamkari
Production: Associate Producer
Duration: 65'
Coproduction: Far Out Films
Year: 2018
A film with Elettra Falzetti, Manuela Cossu, Fabio Massimo Falzetti and Daniela Belletti. Rome: seven characters struggling with an uneasy teenager who is taking its first steps in the world.

You can not explain the disappearance of the woman she thinks she still sees outside at her favorite bar. He therefore asks for help from all the adults he knows, asking them questions about death and heaven. Everyone responds in their own way but nobody can give them the certainties they would like. Even adults, however, begin to reflect: from the rationality of the parents, to the religiosity of the grandmother's sister, to the spirituality of the aunt.

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